Sunday, September 26, 2010

a concession

I have to admit, despite hashing out my negative feelings about life in general on here earlier, it wasn't a completely horrible weekend.
In fact, we finally got to have our date this afternoon, and I think that helped a lot. I had been feeling pretty trapped, not being able to have a date because we didn't have the house clean, not being able to get the house clean because we were exhausted and burned out... We were able to get a babysitter on the spur of the moment for a four and a half hour block, so we could see a movie together as well as have time to talk. I felt much more reconnected with Heath after that. Another thing that helped tremendously was our neighbor taking Jacob and Ethan off our hands most of Friday evening while they played with his boys, then inviting them to stay the night. We'd never let them stay the night with friends before, but we were about doing cartwheels over the invitation this time. I think that long break gave us the rest we needed to be able to put things in order Saturday and today.

The only sour note is that we didn't do Ethan's homework with him tonight. His teacher sends home more homework than any other day on Friday, I guess figuring he has all weekend to it. I much prefer Jacob's teacher's method, which is no homework on Friday. Poor Ethan has two workbook pages of writing out his spelling words, plus reading aloud to us both stories out of his reading text for the week. I'm not really anticipating it getting done in the morning, but maybe we'll be lucky and he'll be eager to do it. We do have 9 am start on Mondays, at least.

Enough babbling. Just wanted to concede that we do sometimes have good things come our way, sometimes even at precisely the moment we most desperately need them.


  1. Yay! Sunbeams are nice. And it's good to acknowledge the victories.

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